Brake Repair in Philadelphia, PA

On dry pavement or in rain or snow, your car needs to be able to stop when you travel the streets of Philadelphia. It’s perhaps the most important safety system your vehicle is equipped with. If something just doesn’t feel right when you press the brake pedal, don’t ignore it. Whether you are experiencing:

  • a spongy or pulsating brake pedal
  • longer than normal braking distances
  • a squeaking or squealing when the brakes are applied
  • grinding at any time when driving
  • an intermittent or constant ABS or brake light illuminated

We can help. Trust your brake repair to the knowledgeable professionals at Wayne’s Garage in Philadelphia for safe, affordable service.



Why Choose Wayne’s Garage for your Brake Repair?


Brake repairs for all types of braking systems

  • Anti-lock (ABS) brakes
  • Disc brakes
  • Performance model brakes (ceramic brakes, etc.)
  • Drum brakes

Thorough inspections for accurate diagnosis

Some brake noises don’t necessarily indicate an expensive brake repair or pad replacement. Sometimes all that is required is a cleaning or adjustment, which is why it is so important to have a trusted shop perform your brake repairs. Our staff will perform a thorough mechanical and visual inspection of your brake concerns and advise only what you really need instead of replacing unnecessary parts.

Comprehensive Overviews and No-Pressure Repair Recommendations

We won’t perform your brake repairs until you completely understand what is required and why. We want you to be comfortable in every experience at Wayne’s Garage and will take all the time necessary to explain the repair and answer any questions you may have about the process. Whether you need new pads and rotors, a leaking caliper replaced, or simply need the brake fluid changed, we wait for your approval before completing your brake repair.

Brake Repairs Performed by Experienced Technicians

From a straightforward anti-lock brake sensor replacement to a master cylinder leak, our team of ASE-Certified technicians are well-trained to perform all brake repairs. They use modern repair procedures and diagnostic equipment to ensure accurate brake repairs the first time.

Quality Brake Parts Result in a Quality Brake Repair

From brake pads and shoes to brake lines and wheel cylinders, we always use high-quality aftermarket or Original Equipment parts and fluid to guarantee a long-lasting brake repair every time.


Wayne's Garage was friendly and efficient. I had a busy schedule and they were able to accommodate me and quickly alert me if any changes in the repairs were happening to ensure I was able to have my car back as soon as possible. I'm fairly new to the area and felt comfortable leaving my car with them, I will be sure to use them again for general tune-ups.

- Lauren L.

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Benefits and Convenience for our Customers

  • ASE-Certified Technicians
  • Certified Foreign Car Specialists
  • AskPatty Female Friendly Certified
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited Business
  • International Automotive Technicians Network Member
  • Member of Auto Service Plus (ASP)
  • Member of the National Alliance of Automotive Service Providers (AASP)

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